A newly formed company that develops, implements and employs state of the art PSE methods and tools to solve a wide range of problems of industrial and research significance, reliably, efficiently and very rapidly!!! The company is founded by Prof Rafiqul Gani together with Prof Mario Eden, Dr. Amata Anantpinijwatna, Dr. Anjan K Tula and Dr. Surat Areerat. The company has also access to an international team of experts who can be counted on for specific projects and/or problem solutions. PSE for SPEED has a large collection of state of the art computer aided PSE tools (models, systematic methods of solution, software, etc) that enables it to provide its clients useful advice, reliable and innovation solutions, access to its large collection to its data, models, property calculation tools, solvent selection tool, etc., for: Energy efficient, economically feasible and environmentally acceptable sustainable process design-operation Superstructure based optimization for new and/or retrofitted-intensified processing paths (chemical processes, biorefineries, waste-water treatment, etc.) Innovative chemical product design and chemical substitution as parenthesis (organic solvents, ionic liquids, organic substitutes, formulated products and many more) Development of customized software solutions (new process models; model-based analysis, etc.) If you would like to know more about our company, please click on the company profile document, brochure or contact us.




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