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Model Test-bed (MoT)

Model Test-bed (MoT) s part of ICAS toolbox and it was designed with the objective of minimizing the amount of effort to specify, solve, and visualize the solution of a system of Algebraic equations (AEs), Ordinary and Partial Differential equations (ODEs or PDEs) without sacrificing power and flexibility. It is a mathematical modeling solver designed for personal computers running Microsoft Windows. It is an equation-based modeling /simulation tool and allows the user to perform simulations of a process without having to write any source code. External models written in text-format and/or XML-format can be imported to MoT. The translated model can be solved, after satisfying mathematical consistency requirements, equation by equation in the debug-mode or simultaneously in the solution-mode. The solvable model can also be exported through a model transfer feature (COM*-objects) to other simulation engines and/or external software

The modelling framework in ICAS also includes a tool for model creation (ModGen) and a tool for model reuse (ModTem)

MoT as an aid to modelling

Examples of modelling exercises with MoT

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