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Workshop Service

We offer workshops on a variety of topics to inform participants about the current state of the art on PSE-related topics; we offer training as well as practical hands-on intensive courses on PSEforSPEED software tools and problem solutions. Some selected topics are listed below:

Thermodynamic property prediction

  • State of the art, modelling of properties, hands-on computer-aided training

Model identification

  • Kinetic model parameter estimation, thermodynamic property model parameter estimation

Chemicals based product design

  • Single species, multi-species, hands-on computer-aided exercise with ProCAPD

Separation techniques

  • Separation of azeotropes, process intensification, solvent selection, use of ICAS tools and Solventpro

Sustainable process design

  • Highlights the use of the 12-steps design methodology


  • Optimization, biorefinery, CO2 conversion, process synthesis-design, wastewater treatment, etc.

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