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Winner of the Student Contest Problem 2021

Congratulations to the winning team of the EURECHA Student Contest Problem (SCP) 2021.

On 15 June 2022, the winner of the EURECHA Student Contest Problem (SCP) that was sponsored by PSE for SPEED Company was announced.  The winning team of this student contest problem is from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. Congratulations to Mathis Heyer, Dion Jakobs, Jannik Bothe, Johanna Guttler, Jan Pavsek, and Kaan Karacasulu for their report on CO2 Utilization under Intermittent Electricity Supply: Sorption Enhanced DME Synthesis with an Integrated RSOC Process.

We also congratulate all the college students who entered and we are grateful for each one of the students who participated in this contest! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success.

To view recorded video presentation of the winning team, click here