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Workshop 2022

Course Description

To tackle the grand challenges of energy, water, environment, food and health that modern society is currently facing, opportunities exist for development of new and sustainable technologies. Processes with high energy consumptions and/or negative environmental impacts are targeted for implementation of appropriate new technologies as retrofit options, which can significantly improve the sustainability of these processes. Advances in digital technologies have made it possible to develop new classes of computer-aided methods and their associated tools and, integrate them in a flexible software architecture. The workshop will briefly highlight the concepts of simultaneous heat integration and process optimization to generate more sustainable technologies for several energy intensive

Course Schedule

Time BKK



14:00 – 14:05*

Introduction to Workshop

Prof. Rafiqul Gani

14:05 – 16:00*

Theory and application of Simultaneous Heat Integration and Optimization

-Introduction to sustainable process design
Process analysis to identify process hot-spots and define design targets

-Heat Integration and Optimization

Prof. Rafiqul Gani

16:00 – 17:00**

17:00 -17:30**

2 Case studies application


TH Team Members

Prof. Rafiqul Gani & TH team

(*Live subtitles in Thai will be available)

(** In Thai)

Who should attend?

  • Process Improvement Engineer
  • Plant Design Engineer
  • Research and Development
  • Student & Academic Field

Workshop Organizers

The speaker, Prof Rafiqul Gani is well known internationally for his contributions in development and use of computer-aided techniques to solve process engineering problems. Among the many awards received by Prof Gani, the latest is from the American Society for Engineering Education award 2022 for his excellence in Chemical Engineering education.

Case Study by TH Team Members . We have organized several online tutorials on efficient problem solving with state-of-the-art computer-aided tools.


Registration Fee

*Early Registration Deadline  12 October 2022, 23.59 PM (BKK time)

General Ticket is participant from Industry Ex. Engineer, Researcher

Educational Ticket is participants from educational institutes Ex. University members, Master degree students, etc.

** Special Promotion: 50% discount for 4th and next participant(s) from the same institute

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