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Problem Solution Services

We, at PSE for SPEED, are ready to provide innovative and reliable solutions to our customers. Our team is willing to work as the principal partner who is in-charge of the project or as a sub-contracted partner providing support to any established working team.

The areas of experience of PSE for SPEED are listed below (as a sample of topics):

• Synthesis and design of sustainable alternatives
• Process integration and intensification
• Generation of process alternatives that match desired improvements
• Process optimization and control
• Life cycle assessment, environmental impact assessment
• Product design and evaluation (liquid blends, formulated liquid products, solvents, refrigerants, and many more)
• Chemical substitution (identify and replace hazardous chemicals)
• Process and property modelling
• Design of knowledge representation for database creation & management
• Commercial feasibility of new product-process routes

Problem Solution
Problem Solution

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