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“The Future of Chemical Engineering” by Rafiqul Gani

“The Future of Chemical Engineering” by Rafiqul Gani, CEO of PSE for SPEED

  • Looking ahead 25 years, how do you expect your industry/research area to evolve?
  • Core areas of ChE expertise are being augmented by new expertise in science and engineering at molecular and nanometer scales, in biosystems, in sustainability, and in cyber tools. Over the next 25 years, how will these changes affect your industry/research area?
  • What new industries/research areas do you foresee?
  • Taking into account the ongoing evolution of the professions — including the need for new modes of education; high standards of performance and conduct; effective technical, business, and public communication; and desires for a more sustainable future — what do you think the chemical engineering profession will look like 25 years from now?


“A multi-layered view of chemical and biochemical engineering”
–  a summary of 5 years of discussion between academic and industrial players in Europe.