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Process Synthesis & Design

3-Stages Sustainable Design Methodology

Synthesis stage

Find optimal processing route to convert raw materials to desired products

Design stage

Perform detailed process simulation, analyses and identify targets for improvement

Innovation stage

Find new alternatives that match the targets for improvement

Energy Efficient Reaction-Separation Process Synthesis-Design

Use of driving force concept for synthesis-design of reaction-separation processes

  • Energy efficient hybrid separation processes
  • Design of solvent based extraction processes
  • Reactive & non-reactive distillation column design, analysis & control
  • Special computer aided tools for solvent selection, distillation boundary analysis, separation system configuration, model based design validation
Pharmaceutical Process Synthesis-Design

Synthesis-design of batch operations (distillation, reactor, crystallization, mixing)

  • Design of downstream separation options
  • Special computer aided tools for solid solublity analysis, solvent swap analysis, batch to continuous analysis, intensification options
Superstructure Based Process Optimization

Superstructure based optimization applied to biorefinery, CO2 capture, wastewater treatment

Software tools (Super-O plus database)

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