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Computer-aided Tools for Refrigerant Design

ProREFD provides information on all known refrigerants and offers options for refrigerant selection, design and verification using built-in models

ProREFD offers 6 main functions

Modelling toolbox: Tool for solving and evaluating a general system of equations.

Database manager: Data source for pure component properties.

Property estimation (pure): Tool for prediction of pure compound properties.

Property estimation (organic systems) : Tool for prediction of organic systems properties.

Refrigerant selection: Tool for refrigerant (pure or mixture) selection.

Refrigerant cycle simulation: Tool for simulation and analysis of refrigeration cycle

The main interface with its 6 functions plus manual and tutorial documents is shown below.


ProREFD’s Interface

Refrigeration Simulation

The simulation and optimization option in ProREFD allows users to verify the operation of selected refrigerant and refrigeration operation parameters. The simulated results include refrigeration temperatures (and/or pressures), enthalpy, entropy, vapor fraction, heat duty, workload, and Coefficient of Performance (COP).


Refrigeration simulation


Thermodynamic diagram generation from Refrigeration Simulation

Refrigerant Selection & Design

The refrigerant selection and verification through simulation is the function to select a The refrigerant selection and design option in ProREFD guides the user to search for refrigerants with desired properties. As it is unlikely to match all desired properties with a single refrigerant, It offers options for design of tailor-made refrigerant mixtures (binary, ternary and quaternary). The performance of any selected or designed refrigerant can be verified through refrigeration simulation option.


Refrigeration Selection

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