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Computer-Aided Tool Chemical Product Design

ProCAPD is the one and only software that like the well-known process simulators offers options for chemical product evaluation (simulation of their performance). However, unlike process simulators, it also provides options for chemical product synthesis, design and analysis. Also allows access to vast amounts of data that could be useful for chemical substitution

ProCAPD offers the following options:

• Database with search engine : Chemicals, solvents, active ingredients, aroma, color-agents, etc

• Product evaluation : Estimation of a wide range of properties used to evaluate product performance

• Single species product design : Database search, generate-test approach, math programming

• Multi-species product design templates : Blends, formulated liquid products, formulated emulsions

Modelling tool-box


Work-flow and Architecture

“It is worth checking out how much ”human effort” and time that would be needed to go through the same steps as highlighted in the case studies involved with the design of different chemicals based products”

Features Example


Screen-shots from the design of sunscreen lotion

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