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Technical Consultant Services

PSE for SPEED consulting

Provides expert advice in the application of advanced process modeling, property estimation, process-product synthesis & design, and process-tools integration to achieve your goals for innovative technology, sustainable development, and increased efficiency.

  • Commercial feasibility, market and economic analysis
  • Conceptual (sustainable) proves design
  • Innovative product design and analysis
  • Chemical substitution (solvents, refrigerants, additives and many more)
  • Reliable predictions of pure component and mixture properties
  • Customized database creation and management
  • Commercial feasibility, market and economic analysis
  • Process flowsheet synthesis – process flow diagrams (PFDs)
  • Mass and Heat integration, energy intensity and efficiency
  • Process intensification and targeted process improvements
  • Process optimization and control
  • Separation and purification technologies
  • Life cycle assessment, environmental impact assessment
  • …..

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