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Service Overview

PSE for SPEED Service Overview

Our experienced team is ready to provide a wide range of services as needed by our customers.

Technical Consultant Services

  • Process design and development
  • Product design and evaluation
  • Software needs & uses
  • Database management
  • Feasibility and market analysis

Problem Solution Services

  • Process Improvement
  • Energy Reduction
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Product Analysis
  • Dangerous Chemical  Substitution
  • New Module of Chemical

Customized Computer-Aided Tools

  • ICAS
  • Chemsub
  • Properties on Demand
  • Super-O
  • ECON, Lcsoft, SustainPro
  • Pure

PSE for SPEED Workshop, Traning and Webinar series

We have training and workshop for courses on demand for both fundamental and specialty topics in different fields within chemical engineering and related domains

  • Available for Company and University
  • Online and offline options
  • Topic covers on Problem solving and Software training

Other Services?

PSE for SPEED aims to serve its clients through state-of-the-art PSE methods and tools. If any product or service is not listed above, please contact us and we will be happy to propose what we can do.

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