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DAC (Direct Air Capture) – A toolbox providing users the information of multiple DAC project’s technologies that the PSEforSPEED company have sufficiently developed. The various DAC technologies data are rearranged and added into a part of the computer-aided tool developed for searching the data and also the calculations result along with superstructure through Super-O software.

DAC Software Database

DAC software database consist of data needed in superstructure for 7 Technology of Direct Air Capture as;

  • Liquid Chemisorption
  • Chemical Absorption Amine
  • Physisorption with Solid Sorbents
  • Ionic Liquid Absorption
  • Solid Alkali Carbonates Chemisorption
  • Supported Alkali Carbonates Chemisorption
  • Amine Chemisorption for Flue Gas 

DAC’s Main Interface

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