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Tools Integrated in one Computer-Aided System


ICAS Provides a framework through which a collection of tools developed with the latest theories and data are made available to users for a range of problem-solving, such as, property estimation, process modelling, separation process design, and many more.

Algorithms, methods & models are based on generic and systematic solution approaches

Allows single- and multi-dimensional problems to be solved efficiently, reliably, consistently and robustly

Improves the productivity of users by allowing sharing of common knowledge between different groups of people and tools

ICAS is dedicatedly managing the complexity through a systems approach


Interface highlighting options for simulation and optimization

Computer-aided tools available in ICAS

For more details, please click on the links to the individual tools.

The property prediction tool

Tools for computer-aided modeling

Modeling and simulation tool

Special tool for solvent screening & design

Azeotropic mixture separation

Sustainability analysis

Cost estimation & economic analysis

Tool for life cycle assessment

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