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Computer-aided Tool for Sustainable Process Design

ProCAFD is an innovative and new software that guides the user through its 12-step process design hierarchy. These steps start with problem definition and end with finding the targeted sustainable process design, and, include a synthesis step, a design step, several analyses steps (economics, sustainability and LCA). Also, a step for rigorous process simulation where links to commercial simulators are available.

Main Features of ProCAFD

Generates numerous alternatives for any New/Retrofit synthesis problems

Group contribution-based models to evaluate the generated design quickly and efficiently.

Integrated with sustainability, economic, and life cycle analysis models.

Integrated with simulation tools like Pro-II, Aspen and ICAS to automatically generate rigorous simulation file.

Use Computer-aided molecular design (CAMD) principles for simultaneous synthesis, design and analysis of a process flowsheet.

Work-flow and architecture of ProCAFD

At the inner core, we have the user interface of ProCAFD.

The three stages consisting of 12 tasks are performed, as illustrated in the figure. First define the problem; then solve the synthesis problem in stage-1; then perform design-analysis after process simulation in stage-2; finally, in the outer layer, apply process intensification, etc., to generate alternative more sustainable process designs.

Screen shots from problem solution with ProCAFD

Property analysis

Flowsheet synthesis analysis

Process design-analysis

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