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Sustainable process design: Efficiently, reliably and very rapidly

How much time and resources are needed to complete a sustainable process design project, starting from the reaction, feed and desired product data? One hour, one day, one week, one month or more?

Find the answer from our latest video on our YouTube channel, which demonstrates the use of our computer-aided tools within our Sustainable Process Design software package, to complete all the necessary tasks, efficiently, reliably and very rapidly.


  • Efficient, consistent and correct data generation and data transfer between tools;
  • Generation of all possible processing alternatives, based on known technologies;
  • Ranking and analysis (cost, sustainability, LCA, safety) of alternatives;
  • Identification & verification of the more sustainable alternatives;
  • Uses known concepts, model generated data and collected data to make decisions;
  • Employs a suite of computer-aided techniques, including data handling, ML, and AI.

Credits: Case study and video developed by Process Engineer @Jakkraphat Kongcharoenkitkul. Sustainable process design concept and method developed by Prof @Rafiqul Gani and collaborators (request copies of reference publications).

To see the video of Sustainable Process Design, Click Here

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