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Webinar 5: Systematic and Reliable Chemical Product Design

Webinar Series 2021: Fast, Efficient & Reliable Problem Solution

A series of six webinars on different topics related to process and product engineering has been organized by PSE for SPEED.

The series will consist of the following webinars:

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Program for Webinar 5: Systematic and Reliable Chemical Product Design

The objective of this workshop is to give the participants a view on various aspects related to chemical product design, their sustainable production as well as their application. Sustainability of modern society depends very much on chemicals-based products that are used from the time a person wakes up in the morning to the time the person goes to sleep. Design and development of chemicals-based products is broadly classified into those that are process-centric and those that are product centric. While significant advances have been made in the development of systematic model-based techniques for process design including optimization and control, much work is needed to reach the same level for chemical products. In terms of current challenges and opportunities, issues related to integrated product-process design, modeling related to product properties and functions, and how to find novel, innovative and better products need to be addressed. To achieve this, an integrated model-experiment-based design approach employing a systematic computer-aided framework with built-in design templates is necessary.

In Webinar 5, methods for systematic and reliable chemical product design will be highlighted in terms of background theory, product classification, problem definition and solution approaches. Also, uses of a chemical product simulator, ProCAPD (Computer Aided Product Design), will be highlighted for design, analysis and verification of different types of chemical products.

The guest speaker for Webinar 5 is Professor André Bardow from ETH-Zurich and he will talk about CAMPD (Computer Aided Molecular Product Design) methods based on PC-SAFT and quantum chemistry.

Course Organization

The Webinars are being organized by the PSE for SPEED office in Bangkok, Thailand. All confirmed registered participants will be sent a link to join the Webinars. The time indicated for each lecture includes Q&A after the lecture. The problem solution lectures will include step by step demonstration of selected problem solutions. There will be Q&A at the end of all lectures and also at the end of the problem sessions. Selected recorded presentations will also be available to subscribers to the PSE for SPEED YouTube channel and Webinar participants will be able to download copies of the presentation slides from the link:
Please direct all your questions to the PSE for SPEED in Bangkok to Ms. Orakotch Padungwatanaroj (

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Webinar 5 schedule :

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