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Webinar 6: Systematic and Rapid Model Development

Webinar Series 2021: Fast, Efficient & Reliable Problem Solution

A series of six webinars on different topics related to process and product engineering has been organized by PSE for SPEED.

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Program for Webinar 6: Systematic and Rapid Model Development

The objective of this webinar is to give the participants a view on various aspects related to models and modelling in process systems engineering (PSE). Model users apply models to perform feasibility analyses of novel process and/or product designs; to design and control process operations; to asses environmental impact, detect potential hazards or accidents; and many more. A systems approach helps with model development and application steps, such as, definition of the modelling objectives, derivation of the model equations representing the system, analysis of the model equations, development of different solution strategies for different modelling objectives, and, application of the developed model. This webinar will cover basic and advanced process modelling techniques for development and/or use of different types of models (lumped and distributed systems), different modes of models (steady state and dynamic), different forms of model (simple-complex, large-reduced, discrete-continuous) and different model-based solution strategies (hybrid and surrogate).

In Webinar 6, methods for systematic and rapid model development will be highlighted in terms of modelling concepts, modelling techniques and application of model-based PSE methods and tools for problem solution. The use of MoT (modelling testbed) that aides in the creation, translation, analysis and solution of models will be highlighted.

The guest speakers for Webinar 6 are Professor Jay H Lee (KAIST, South Korea) and Professor Fengqi You (Cornell University, USA).

Course Organization

The Webinars are being organized by the PSE for SPEED office in Bangkok, Thailand. All confirmed registered participants will be sent a link to join the Webinars. The time indicated for each lecture includes Q&A after the lecture. The problem solution lectures will include step by step demonstration of selected problem solutions. There will be Q&A at the end of all lectures and also at the end of the problem sessions. Selected recorded presentations will also be available to subscribers to the PSE for SPEED YouTube channel and Webinar participants will be able to download copies of the presentation slides from the link:
Please direct all your questions to the PSE for SPEED in Bangkok to Ms. Orakotch Padungwatanaroj (

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Webinar 6 schedule :

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