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Webinar 2: Property estimation in four simple steps

Webinar Series 2021: Fast, Efficient & Reliable Problem Solution

A series of six webinars on different topics related to process and product engineering has been organized by PSE for SPEED.

The series will consist of the following webinars:

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Program for Webinar 2 :Property Estimation in 4 Steps

The objective of this workshop is to give the participants a view of property estimation in terms of types of properties and their models; when property models are needed and their roles in process-product design and analysis; and how to use the property models through systematic computer-aided systems. Properties related to process synthesis, design and analysis, for example, primary properties (such as normal boiling points, normal melting points, critical properties enthalpy of vaporization at boiling point, etc.), secondary properties (such as acentric factor, molar volume, solubility parameters, etc.), functional pure component properties (such as enthalpy, entropy, vapor pressure, etc.) and mixture phase equilibrium properties (fugacity coefficients, activity coefficients and their use in phase equilibrium computations) will be covered. Also, a brief introduction to environmental & safety properties (such as a measure of toxicity, octanol-water partition coefficient, exposure limits, etc.) will be covered. In each case, how to define the property estimation problem, how to describe the chemical system and related information, how to select and retrieve the needed property models and their corresponding model parameters and finally, how to estimate the desired properties will be highlighted. In addition, how to verify the models, the parameters and measured data in terms consistency in terms of the chemical system involved, the suite of calculated properties and required properties will be covered in terms of different types of properties. There will be 3 lectures of one of one hour each (including Q&A) and a problem solution session where property estimation in 4 simple steps will be illustrated.

Course Organization

The Webinars are being organized by the PSE for SPEED office in Bangkok, Thailand. All confirmed registered participants will be sent a link to join the Webinars. The time indicated for each lecture includes Q&A after the lecture. The problem solution lectures will be step-by-step demonstrations of selected case studies. Selected recorded presentations will also be available to subscribers at the PSE for the SPEED YouTube channel. Subscribers will also be able to download copies of the presentation slides. There will be Q&A at the end of all lectures and also in the problem sessions.

Please direct all your questions to the PSE for SPEED in Bangkok to Ms. Orakotch Padungwatanaroj (,

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