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Webinar Series 2021-Review

One of our participants in Webinar Series 2021, Rodolpho Pereira Chemical Engineer from Poland, has reviewed his impression of our webinar via Linkedin. We are really thankful for reviews of our Webinar Series 2021. Every feedback will be brought up for consideration for our next webinar organization.

We believe that this webinar could be beneficial for all participants and hope you get the idea of the system approach to an efficient and reliable solution. So, let’s keep checking on our website for the next year’s webinar.

From July to September, I’ve participated in the PSE for SPEED Webinar 2021 Series.
For those looking for a systems engineering approach to problem solving in #Chemical #Process #Design and #Engineering, this is a must-watch. We had the opportunity to review concepts behind process synthesis, property estimation, model development and more, and see how they can be implemented with the series of software developed by PSE for SPEED (ProCAFD, ProCAPD, ProCAPE and ICAS).
For me, one of the most interesting aspects is the focus in developing #sustainable #solutions, which shall be one of the goals us Chemical Engineers have to consider when designing new processes and products.

A huge thank you for the whole team, who was responsible to deliver such good content.

Rodolpho Pereira

To see full of the review on Linkedin, click here.