03 November 2017

PROCAFD – Computer Aided Flowsheet Design

ProCAFD (software tool)

ProCAFD is an innovative and new software that guides the user through its 12-step process design hierarchy. These steps start with problem definition and end with finding the targeted sustainable process design, and, include a synthesis step, a design step, several analyses steps (economics, sustainability and LCA). Also, a step for rigorous process simulation where links to commercial simulators are available.

At the inner core, we have the user-interface of ProCAFD.

The three stages consisting of 12 tasks are performed, as illustrated in the figure. First define the problem; then solve the synthesis problem in stage-1; then perform design-analysis after process simulation in stage-2; finally, in the outer layer, apply process intensification, etc., to generate alternative more sustainable process designs.

Integrated software tool for process synthesis, design, analysis

  • Database library
  • Flowsheet property models
  • Synthesis, design, PI methods
  • Process simulation
  • Utility tools (LCA, ECON, ProPred, etc.)

Want to know more about ProCAFD? Please see introduction video

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