12 December 2019


Life Cycle Assessment software (LCSoft)

Due to the growth of industrial technology and natural sources demand, environmental awareness has became important for developing chemical process designs. In order to develop/design the optimal process, Life cycle assessment (LCA) is used as a tool to evaluate in environmental aspect. LCA analyses environmental impacts through life cycle assessment of the products, starting from the production of raw materials to the product disposal. To perform LCA, LCSoft has been created and continuously improved. It is applicable with LCA and integrated to other process design tools such as process simulation, economic analysis (ECON), and sustainable process design (SustainPro). With these applications, LCSoft can provide efficient and reliable calculations especially for chemical and biochemical sustainable process designs

LCSoft also provide carbon footprint, water footprint and ecological footprint calculation, and applied the LCIA results with many optional features such as normalization, alternative comparision, sensitivity analaysis, and many more.

Carbon foot print analysis
Alternative comparison
Sensitivity analysis

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