13 January 2018


AzeoPro is model-based tool which aims to aid the design of azeotropic separation process in an easy, fast, reliable and predictive way. AzeoPro is built under a simple and generic methodology which integrates several new and existing methods and tools for separation of azeotropic mixtures. It has a database of known azeotropic mixtures and it is integrated with ProCAMD, ICAS VLE calculation and ICAS-PDS (Process Design Studio).

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Computational aided tools in ICAS
  • ProPred:   The property prediction tool
  • ProCAMD:   Computer aided molecular design
  • MoT:   Modeling and simulation tool
  • SolventPro:   Solvent screening&design
  • AzeoPro:   Azeotropes solution
  • SustainPro:   Sustainability analysis
  • ECON:   Economic analysis software
  • LCSoft:   Life cycle analysis software