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2-Days Course at KAIST, Korea

September 2019

Prof. Rafiqul Gani (CEO of PSE for SPEED Company, Thailand-Denmark) has given 2-days course (in August 2019) of 4 modules in the topic of Fast, efficient & reliable problem solution through software tools at Department of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea.

  • Module 1: Property estimation in 4 simple steps (give molecule-mixture data; select/retrieve data-model; estimate properties; verify or fine-tune solution
  • Module 2: Versatile chemical product design – chemical substitution, single species, blends, formulations (define problem; select design template; solve problem; verify/fine-tune solution).
  • Module 3: Sustainable process design in 12 hierarchical steps (define problem; generate data; synthesize flowsheet; …; verify sustainable design).
  • Module 4: Rapid model development (define model objective; create-transform- solve- apply model).