29 August 2017

Our Technologies

Our technologies are developed and continuously improvement by concern all of economical, technical, and environmental aspect in order to provide the best solution from the beginning of synthesis step to the evaluation step of product or process. With a plenty of application from our tools that can applicable in your cases.

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Customized Model Application

Behavior of chemical and substance can be derived by model, which we can used to predict what are going to happen. Our PSE tools can predict the properties of chemical, kinetic of reaction or unit operation that help user examine about there product or process.

Evaluation and Design Product and Process System

PSE tools have the methodology and work flow concept that connect modelling and process system together as the algorithm to describe or solve each customized problem. With these methods, PSE tools can be applied in plenty of application along with integration process/product with sustainability concept.


Database Generation

Database is the key to access the solution. Our team are developed and employed the database in PSE tools which can integrate with many application, and also can be linked to use in third party tools, such as process design tools, product design tools or modelling tools.

Our team have done a plenty of works from PSE tools, which have been published and accepted for the worldwide international journal, and many article on process and product system especially in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical area. For more detail, please see the list of publication: here

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