03 November 2017

PSE Tools Overview

PSE for SPEED provides a suite of systematic and computer-aided tools (PSE Tools) for solution of a wide range of product-process engineering problems

These PSE Tools are based on state of the art systems approach and are continuously updated and improved by incorporating latest data, new concepts, improved models, efficient algorithms, etc.,
to provide reliable, robust and rapid solutions to our customers.

The PSE Tools consist of tools for property estimation; process modelling; molecular and/or process design; process intensification; LCA analysis, sustainability analysis, economic analysis and many more


PSE Tools Categories

The PSE Tools are as part of six different tools-set

  • ProCAPD – Computer-Aided Product Design
    (provides options for product simulation, modelling, synthesis, design, evaluation, substitution, etc.)
  • ProCAFD – Computer-Aided Flowsheet Design
    (provides options for flowsheet synthesis, process design, link to external simulators, process analysis, etc.)
  • ProCAPE  – Computer-Aided Property Estimation
    (provides options for modelling toolbox, property model, molecular structure (utility), database manager, property estimation (pure), property estimation (mixture), etc.)
  • ICAS Integrated Computer Aided System
    (property prediction, CAMD, separation process design, modelling tool-box, etc.)
  • LCSoft – Software that used to calculate in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
    (provides option of user-friendly software that user can perform LCA easily, effectively and integrated with process simulation, economic analysis tool, etc.)
  • ProREFD – Computer-Aided Tools for Refrigerant Design

  You can see some video clips for more information on our YouTube channel: Click here


Other Tools?

PSE for SPEED aims to serve its clients through a number of products and services as highlighted (if any product or service that is of interest to a client is not listed, please do contact us and we will be happy to find a way to provide the product and/or service).

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