16 February 2017

Products & Services

PSE for SPEED aims to serve its clients through a number of products and services as highlighted below (if any product or service that is of interest to a client is not listed below, please do contact us and we will be happy to find a way to provide the product and/or service).

  • Customized property and process models
  • Innovative problem solutions
  • Energy efficient and sustainable process-product design
  • Customized software for individual client use
  • PSE tools for modelling, product design, process design, product-process analysis, optimization, property prediction, databases, etc.
  • Consulting service (including advice, feasibility, sustainability, etc., analysis)
  • Focused and topical workshops, courses and/or training on important PSE topics (modelling, product design, sustainable process design, superstructure based optimization, etc.)
  • Help with problem formulation, analysis & solution
  • Property of chemicals (pure and mixture) on demand
  • Chemical substitution service
  • Focused research and development on specific topics of mutual interest

For more detail on PSE tools, please follow the link : here

Other workshops-training being planned:

  • “Delivery of properties on demand”
  • “Delivery of process models on demand”