ProCAPE – Computer Aided Property Estimation

ProCAPE (software tool)

ProCAPE is the toolbox of property estimation, the purpose of ProCAPE is to provide the integrated platform for supporting process simulation. ProCAPE help to solve user’s problem such as reducing searching time, more accurate results. Moreover, ProCAPE can predict important properties for both pure and mixture property in which users are uncomfortable for searching or hand calculation. ProCAPE is a tool solution to this problem.

In ProCAPE, there are nine main functions which are

1. Modelling Toolbox: Tools for solving the model
2. Property Model: Thermodynamics model for property estimation
3. Molecular Structure (utility): Convert SMILES string to structure
4. Database Manager: Data source of pure property
5. Property Estimation (pure): Prediction of pure compound property
6. Property Estimation (organic systems): Prediction of mixture property
7. Property Estimation (electrolytes): Prediction of electrolytes property
8. Property Estimation (reactive mixture): Prediction of reactive mixture property
9. Solid-Solvent Analysis: Prediction of solid solubility

ProCAPE’s Interface


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