17-19 November  2019 – University Center SENAI CIMATEC, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.


A new initiative on biorefinery, the ProBioRefine project was launched in 2014 by Technical University of Denmark (DTU, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering) and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering) with funding from various sources. The ProBioRefine project brings together highly qualified researchers from DTU and KAIST to develop a very import aspect of biorefineries, namely, the optimal processing route (network) for the conversion of specific biomass into a set of desired products (fuels & chemicals) taking into account the currently available technologies and future developments.

The objective of ProBioRefine is to develop a systematic method and associated tools that can analyze and design innovative biorefinery networks based on chemical and biological approaches to convert biomass feedstock into valuable chemicals and biofuels.


ProBioRefine Workshops:

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