06 July 2021

Instruction on how to join the Webinar

Webinar Series 2021: Fast, Efficient & Reliable Problem Solution

How to join the PSEforSPEED Webinar

  1. Before entry to the webinars, we need to verify that participants are actually registered, so, please join the meeting 10 minutes before the scheduled start. All joining participants will automatically be placed in the waiting room before being allowed to enter the webinar session by the webinar organizer.
  2. Since we will validate the registered participant through the ZOOM display name so, please add your ZOOM display name as indicated in the registration form (title & full name). Please note that the host will not admit participants into the meeting if the name cannot be identified. For more information on how to rename your ZOOM display, please visit https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201363203-Customizing-your- profile
  3. For participants who have complete validation, we will add your account number in front of your name. In case of the duplicated name of participants in the meeting room, you are not allowed to attend the meeting.


Important note

All participants will be automatically muted during the webinar; show your hand or send your question through “chat” and you will be unmuted.

  • Please do not transfer or broadcast the Zoom meeting link, ID, and password to others who have not registered.
  • In case you are not available to join in any webinar, please inform us through webinars@pseforspeed.com at least 1 day before the scheduled webinar so we can assign your place to another participant. Failure to inform us may result in the cancellation of registration in other PSEforSPEED webinars.
  • If you have any questions, please wait until the Q&A session in each part. For the participant who has a question, please give us the “raising hand”. When your turn comes, we will send you the message “The host would like you to speak” and you can select unmute for your question. You are supposed to only ask and share topic-related information. Avoid advertising any personal product or service during the webinar.
  • As a participant, you will have very restricted rights. You can only see and listen to the presenters and see how many other participants join the meeting. Communication is possible only via the chat window.
  • If you have lost internet connection with the webinar or your video and audio are frozen, please re-enter the webinar room once again. To do so, update your browser tab and enter your credentials once again.



If you have any further questions or problems during the webinars, please contact us through our email webinars@pseforspeed.com

or Chat with use via PSE for SPEED Messenger by Facebook.

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