13 January 2018


ProCAMD is based on a multi-level computer-aided molecular design technique. It can be used for various types of molecular as well as mixture design problems. OptCAMD solves the same problems as ProCAMD by formulating and solving the design problems as mathematical programming models (MILP or MINLP). A wide range of single species chemical product design problems can be solved through these two tools.

For more information please the see the screenshot of the software in the ProCAMD document. <<< Click

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Computational aided tools in ICAS
  • ProPred:   The property prediction tool
  • ProCAMD:   Computer aided molecular design
  • MoT:   Modeling and simulation tool
  • SolventPro:   Solvent screening&design
  • AzeoPro:   Azeotropes solution
  • SustainPro:   Sustainability analysis
  • ECON:   Economic analysis software
  • LCSoft:   Life cycle analysis software