Life Cycle Assessment or LCA is a technique to evaluate and analyse environmental impacts through the entire life cycle of products and its associated processes. In order to evaluate environmental impacts and develop sustainable processes, LCSoft has been developed as a tool for LCA calculations that also integrates with other tools such as process simulation software, economic analysis and sustainability analysis. LCSoft calculates the Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) as well as LCIA by using a systematic calculation strategy consisting of retrieval of appropriate system data, data of substances involved and process utility data and corresponding models. LCSoft currently provides the following impacts and factors: acidification, global warming potential, ozone depletion, particulate matter, photochemical oxidant formation, human toxicity, freshwater ecotoxicity, terrestrial ecotoxicity, marine ecotoxicity, ionising radiation, terrestrial eutrophication, freshwater eutrophication, marine eutrophication, water depletion, fossil depletion, water resource consumption, energy resource consumption for midpoint impact categories and ecological system, human health, resource depletion for endpoint impact categories as well as carbon footprint.

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Computational aided tools in ICAS
  • ProPred:   The property prediction tool
  • ProCAMD:   Computer aided molecular design
  • MoT:   Modeling and simulation tool
  • SolventPro:   Solvent screening&design
  • AzeoPro:   Azeotropes solution
  • SustainPro:   Sustainability analysis
  • ECON:   Economic analysis software
  • LCSoft:   Life cycle analysis software


Sustainable Product-Process Engineering, Evaluation & Design