New online software “Properties on Demand”

Properties on Demand An online software tool offering database search for properties of organic chemicals, prediction of pure component properties: single value properties (critical properties, normal boiling point temperature, normal melting point temperature, etc.); secondary properties (acentric factor, diploe moment, solubility parameters, etc.); temperature dependent properties (vapor pressure, density, heats of vaporization, etc.); and, environmental properties Read more about New online software “Properties on Demand”[…]

EFCE Jacques Villermaux Medal 2019

At the ECCE-12 and ECAB-5 joint conference in Florence on 16 September, Prof Rafiqul Gani, CEO of PSE for SPEED, was awarded the the EFCE Jacques Villermaux Medal 2019, which is given in recognition of scientific achievements. Professor Gani gave a lecture on “Challenges and Opportunities in different Scales” as part of this award session. Read more about EFCE Jacques Villermaux Medal 2019[…]

2-Days Course at KAIST, Korea

Prof. Rafiqul Gani (CEO of PSE for SPEED Company, Thailand-Denmark) has given 2-days course (in August 2019) of 4 modules in the topic of Fast, efficient & reliable problem solution through software tools at Department of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea. Module 1: Property estimation in 4 simple steps (give molecule-mixture data; select/retrieve Read more about 2-Days Course at KAIST, Korea[…]

PSE for SPEED Software

PSE for SPEED Software ProCAPD – Computer-Aided Product Design (provides options for product simulation, modelling, synthesis, design, evaluation, substitution, etc.) ProCAFD – Computer-Aided Flowsheet Design (provides options for flowsheet synthesis, process design, link to external simulators, process analysis, etc.) ProCAPE  – Computer-Aided Property Estimation                (provides options for modelling toolbox, property model, molecular structure (utility), database manager, property Read more about PSE for SPEED Software[…]

Systems Conversations, Prof.Rafiqul Gani

Prof.Rafiqul Gani, CEO of PSEforSPEED, gave the system seminar and conversation at Cornell University on October, 2018. The video of the conversation can be viewed here. “Prof.Rafiqul Gani, Systems Conversations at Cornell University” Prof. Rafiqul Gani’s presentation, “Time for a new class of methods and computer aided tools to address the challenges facing us”, can be Read more about Systems Conversations, Prof.Rafiqul Gani[…]

PSEforSPEED, New Collaboration Projects

Before the end of this year, PSE for SPEED has new collaboration projects with Chinese University to collaborate on industrial projects. PSE for SPEED sign an agreement with Dalian University of Technology to collaborate on an industrial project on “Conceptual Design of the Purification Process of Rubber Based on New Separation Solvent”. The project starts Read more about PSEforSPEED, New Collaboration Projects[…]

ProBioRefine 2018

ProBioRefine 2018 was held during December 13th-14th, 2018 in room105, Mahachulalongkorn building, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University ProBioRefine aims to bring together the key researchers, from the institutions, and provide a forum for them to assess the current state of the technology and discuss future directions and innovation pathway. In order to develop a systematic Read more about ProBioRefine 2018[…]