2nd International Conference on Functional Material and Chemical Engineering 2018 (ICFMCE-2018) will be held in Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 23-25 November 2018. PSE for SPEED is actively involved in the organization of this conference. >>> Click here for more details <<<  

PSE for SPEED with Texas A&M University

Prof Rafiqul Gani, CEO, is spending 1-30 March as a visiting professor at the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA. During his visit, he will give a 4-days course on “Advanced computer aided modelling” and a 2-days workshop on “Sustainable process synthesis, design, analysis through 12 hierarchical tasks: Read more about PSE for SPEED with Texas A&M University[…]

Project in China

Amino-Chem, a chemicals manufacturing company from China, has signed a collaboration agreement in which Zhejiang University of Technology together with PSE for SPEED will study the commercial feasibility of production of a new value added chemical. The project duration is 3-months.