Software release from PSEforSPEED

Software release from PSEforSPEED The following software will be released in April 2021 for external use by PSE from SPEED: ProCAFD: Computer aided sustainable process synthesis, design and innovation ProCAPE: Computer aided property estimation (pure component, mixture & phase equilibrium properties) ProREFD: Computer aided refrigerant selection, design and analysis     See for more Read more about Software release from PSEforSPEED[…]

Publication on Process Systems Engineering

Publication on Process Systems Engineering If you are interested to know more about the past, present and future of process systems engineering, have a look at the paper by Pistikopoulos et al. (Process Systems Engineering – The Generation Next?) published recently in Computers and Chemical Engineering (CACE) journal and available through ScienceDirect. The paper is Read more about Publication on Process Systems Engineering[…]

Good news for PSE for SPEED

Good news for PSE for SPEED Our CEO, Prof Rafiqul Gani, has been selected as the winner of the IChemE Roger Sargent Medal 2021. Prof Sargent is recognized as the founder of Process Systems Engineering as a discipline. Read more about the 2021 IChemE award winners in this link

Online tool – Properties on Demand

Properties on Demand (Click here) An online software tool offering database search for properties of organic chemicals, prediction of pure component properties: single value properties (critical properties, normal boiling point temperature, normal melting point temperature, etc.); secondary properties (acentric factor, diploe moment, solubility parameters, etc.); temperature dependent properties (vapor pressure, density, heats of vaporization, etc.); and, Read more about Online tool – Properties on Demand[…]

EFCE Jacques Villermaux Medal 2019

At the ECCE-12 and ECAB-5 joint conference in Florence on 16 September, Prof Rafiqul Gani, CEO of PSE for SPEED, was awarded the the EFCE Jacques Villermaux Medal 2019, which is given in recognition of scientific achievements. Professor Gani gave a lecture on “Challenges and Opportunities in different Scales” as part of this award session. Read more about EFCE Jacques Villermaux Medal 2019[…]