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New online software “Properties on Demand”

Properties on Demand

An online software tool offering database search for
properties of organic chemicals, prediction of pure component properties: single value properties (critical properties, normal boiling point temperature, normal melting point temperature, etc.); secondary properties (acentric factor, diploe moment, solubility parameters, etc.); temperature dependent properties (vapor pressure, density, heats of vaporization, etc.); and, environmental properties (GWP, LC50, LD50, etc.).

Database chemical search

Result of chemical property values from database

Result of chemical property page 1

Result of chemical property page 2

Result of chemical property page 3

Result of solvent properties page

Results in different chemical property categories

EFCE Jacques Villermaux Medal 2019

At the ECCE-12 and ECAB-5 joint conference in Florence on 16 September, Prof Rafiqul Gani, CEO of PSE for SPEED, was awarded the the EFCE Jacques Villermaux Medal 2019, which is given in recognition of scientific achievements.
Professor Gani gave a lecture on “Challenges and Opportunities in different Scales” as part of this award session.

File download:      !Ao7eVgyRRCzjb2d_bZ1YeVwIU5g