New software from PSEforSPEED “Properties on demand”

            New software from PSEforSPEED

Properties OnDemand” online tool is coming !!

This is an online software tool offering database search for properties of organic chemicals, prediction of pure component properties: single value properties (critical properties, normal boiling point temperature, normal melting point temperature, etc.); secondary properties (acentric factor, diploe moment, solubility parameters, etc.); temperature-dependent properties (vapor pressure, density, heats of vaporization, etc.); and, environmental properties (GWP, LC50, LD50, etc.).

A total of 56 properties are estimated through a collection of in-house property models. Additional features such as calculation of connectivity indices, PC-SAFT parameters, and solubility properties are also available.

Please stay tuned on our website, the free trial version will be available very soon. 

Properties OnDemand interface

 Properties estimation page 1


 Properties estimation page 2

 Properties estimation page 3


Solvent Properties Page

Results in different chemical property categories


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