PSE for SPEED Software

PSE for SPEED Software

  • ProCAPD – Computer-Aided Product Design
    (provides options for product simulation, modelling, synthesis, design, evaluation, substitution, etc.)

  • ProCAFD – Computer-Aided Flowsheet Design
    (provides options for flowsheet synthesis, process design, link to external simulators, process analysis, etc.)

  • ProCAPE  – Computer-Aided Property Estimation                (provides options for modelling toolbox, property model, molecular structure (utility), database manager, property estimation (pure), property estimation (mixture), etc.)

  • ICAS – Integrated Computer Aided System
    (property prediction, CAMD, separation process design, modelling tool-box, etc.)

  • LCSoft – Software that used to calculate in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).                                                                                                      (provides option of user-friendly software that user can perform LCA easily, effectively and integrated with process simulation, economic analysis tool, etc.)

  • Property on Demand – Online software tool
    (offering database search for properties of organic chemicals, prediction of pure component properties: single value properties, secondary properties, etc.)


“A trial version of PSE for SPEED software (ProCAPD, ProCAFD, ProCAPE, ICAS, Property on Demand)
is ready to use.”

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