16 February 2017

Product Synthesis & Design

The following topics are research and development work that our team done in product synthesis and design area.

ProCAPD’s application

Single Molecular Products
  • Solvent design
  • Refrigerant design
  • Polymer repeat unit design

Design of fuels

  • Surrogate gasoline
  • Surrogate diesel
  • Surrogate jet-fuel
  • Lubricant

Chemicals based formulated products

  • Cosmetic products (hair spray, insect repellant)
  • Paints
  • Cleaning (detergents)

Design of microcapsules for  controlled release

Computer Aided Tools

Computer aided

  • Molecular design (CAMD)
  • Blend design (CABD)
  • Formulation & mixture design (CAMD)
  • ProCAPD (Chemcial product simulation and design tool box)