02 February 2017

Our Expertise

PSE for SPEED employs a large collection of state of the art PSE tools developed by its personnel as well as those made available by its international team of experts. The personnel of PSE for SPEED are also actively involved in research to continuously improve and develop new PSE tools. The list of publication are available here.

As the figure below shows, at the center of all PSE related activities is models and modelling (property-phenomena models related to process-product). These models are then used to develop algorithmic systematic methods for synthesis, design, analysis, control and operation of a wide range of chemicals based products and/or their manufacutring processes. These systematic methods then form the basis for development of integrated model-based tools for product-process development, for process design-control, for generating sustainable process development.

The expertise of PSE for SPEED is best represented through the figure below. The objective is to provide energy efficient, reduced waste, economically feasible and environmentally acceptable  more sustainable new, innovative and reliable solutions through the use of state of the art computer aided PSE tools

The personnel at PSE for SPEED are passionate about their work and are always looking for ways to speed-up the solution-analysis of problems that are of interest to the industry. Our team have solid experience of working on industrial problems, prior to the formation of the PSE for SPEED company. Also, we have very good international contact with a wide range of experts in the general areas of chemical and biochemical engineering and in particular, Process Systems Engineering. We are able to implement and apply state of the art systematic computer aided tools to solve a wide range of problems. We have core values of excellence, innovation, integrity, and teamwork to provide our clients with efficient services.

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